Family'Cade, an old school arcade @ home

Published: lun. 02 septembre 2013
Updated: ven. 26 mai 2017
By eLR!C


I always dreamt since I was a kid to have my own arcade cabinet ...

Years have passed and google introduced me to Project Mame ... As my children barely know what an arcade is and we really enjoy playing video games together, I started a cab that can be used by anyone in the family: that means easy to use, old console games as well as pure arcade ones and a design far from fighting games :)

So here it is, nearly finished

nearly finished

The buid is powered by an old Core2 Duo running Debian Sid, and using Lakka as a front-end (it was previously running a graphical python script using SDL to select games, then EmulationStation and now Lakka). There's always room for improvement on this kind of project (adding games, decals ...) Hope it will inspire some guys to build their own : it's a bit work but it's really fun ! Here is the reference post, detailing construction steps on arcadecontrols forum