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  1. Basic backups through rsync

    Rsync is powerful, but not that simple. Here is a script I use to backup data on a remote server. Script is launched by the client (i.e. laptop / source) and logs stored on tyhe server (dest) for easier parsing and monitoring

    #! /bin/bash
    # backup
    # logs on the receiver side …
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  2. Family'Cade, an old school arcade @ home

    Published: lun. 02 septembre 2013
    Updated: ven. 26 mai 2017
    By eLR!C

    In DIY.

    I always dreamt since I was a kid to have my own arcade cabinet ...

    Years have passed and google introduced me to Project Mame ... As my children barely know what an arcade is and we really enjoy playing video games together, I started a cab that can be used by …

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  3. Building your own Guitar Cabinet

    Published: dim. 31 mars 2013
    By eLR!C

    In DIY.

    Some guitar cabinets I built some time ago (plywood, Eminence speaker in the 12", Jensen speaker in the 10")

    In the end, I can say they sound good enough and are a great way to start with woodworking




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  4. Split an audio file from a cuefile

    Il existe plusieurs techiques sous linux pour splitter un fichier audio (i.e. flac) à partir de son fichier cue. La plus universelle que j'aie trouvée (qui s'accomode par exemple de caractères bizarres dans les cuesheets) est de créer un fichier shell du type suivant :

    # splitit.sh
    cuebreakpoints *.cue | shnsplit …
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